2021 Sci-Fi Festival

2021 Sci-Fi Festival

Film festivals are now more important and relevant than ever. One, it unites the community, and people get to enjoy films, talk to filmmakers, as well as celebrating untold stories. It’s also an avenue for diversity, and cinema has the power to break down prejudices and can make people view culture in a different lens.

But most importantly, it’s a platform for filmmakers to present their ideas, talent, and skill, and a way for them to communicate how they feel and think in the world they live in.

All of these scenarios will happen at the 2021 Sydney Science Fiction Festival, which will run on November 4-13 at the Actors Centre Australia in Leichardt Sydney. The event will be followed by a roadshow edition of special curated content at the Astor Theatre in St. Kilda, Melbourne on November 14.This year’s festival promises an extravaganza of exciting sci-fi films. The festival boasts 125 short and feature films from 28 countries.

The festival is led by organising committee head Simon Foster and was made possible by Actors Centre Australia. The film festival’s standout 2020 movies are the following: Shahad Ameen’s Scales, Juan Gonzalez and Nando Martinez’s The Queen of the Lizards, and Mark Toia’s Monsters of Man.

The features for the 2021 lineup are: Gerald Rascionato’s Claw, Beniamino Catenia’s Vera De Verdad, Ben Tedesco’s No Tomorrow, and Arunava Gangopadhyay’s Kalpavigyan.

November 4-13

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