Campos Talent Management

Founded in 2019 by actress Lisa Campos, Campos Talent represents and supports trained and emerging actors throughout Australia. The agency’s ambition is to assist in developing actors’ skills and abilities, help recognise and embrace their strengths, and grow their acting profile and careers.

Campos Talent fosters a personable relationship between agents and actors and encourages open communication and honest conversations. The agency works closely with each actor, tailoring its approach to their goals and ambitions. For a young company, it has managed to secure big roles in commercials, television speaking, feature films, and theatre performances for its talent.

Bo Doherty headshot for Magazine

Bo Doherty

Bo Doherty is an emerging non-binary performer from the Northern Rivers. Bo began training under Mark Piper at the Byron Bay Film and Television School in 2016, before gaining representation four years later with Campos Talent. Bo landed their first speaking role in 2021 alongside Melissa McCarthy in the upcoming Netflix series God's Favourite Idiot and will appear later this year in the Amazon Original series The Wilds. Bo hopes to share stories that comfort, inspire, and provoke and exhibit their personal experiences and attributes.
August Rogers HS (2)

August Rogers

After studying film in 2012, Sydney-based actor August Rogers spent several years working in the industry behind the camera, transitioning to performance in 2019. August has secured several lead roles in short films, web series, commercials, podcasts, and theatre. His writing and filmmaking experience gives a humble insight into the creative process of production and the importance of character building. He excels in comedic or dramatic genres and has continued voice and stunt training to further his skills. August aspires to further his theatre work and his feature film debut.
Rachel McCann HS (1)

Rachel McCann

Rachel McCann is undeniably the whole package; talented, gorgeous, oozing with authenticity, and a positively refreshing down-to-earth attitude. Two back-to-back contracts at Universal Studios in Japan introduced Rachel to a love of professional acting. After her return to Western Australia, Rachel landed a role in the drama series The Heights. With her passion ignited further, Rachel relocated to Melbourne, bringing ongoing success in commercial and television roles, and began her training journey with Sydney Actors Collective. Rachel is passionate about homegrown productions but is ambitious to branch into international projects.