Daniel Reader

Daniel Reader

Actor Daniel Reader cuts a striking figure. However, it’s not only his appearance that turns heads; his strong presence onscreen and acting chops have impressed viewers as well.

Currently, Reader is set to star in Hoodlumz, which is currently in production, with actors Kameron Hood and Andy McPhee.

Reader talks to Performers Connect about acting and gives his advice to aspiring actors.

PC: Tell us about yourself. When did you decide to become an actor? 

Daniel: I was born in Melbourne and grew up in Bendigo. After high school, I went to the army. I worked in hauling services and as a delivery driver. I struggled with life and was even homeless. I eventually had three kids, but I later divorced.

I started acting when I applied for a small role in Bendigo. I ended up getting the lead role after two weeks of waiting. Fast forward 14 years later, I’m going strong.

PC: Did you train to become an actor?  

Daniel: I don’t have any formal training, but I credit my experience in the military. My past work in security and emergency response make me stand out from other actors.

PC: How do you research and approach a role?

Daniel: I concentrate on the role. I study it. I try to bring out the character’s traits to make them unique. Then, I work on the delivery. I also try to film myself and rehearse.

PC: What advice would you give to aspiring actors? 

Daniel: Have fun with it. If you’re a natural, that’s great. If not, attend acting classes. Spend much time on set as possible. Build a showreel portfolio as soon as you have enough footage. Lastly, keep your headshots up to date.

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