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Social issues seem to be an intimidating and complicated topic. But when presented in a suitable medium such as a documentary, it can make a huge difference.

The importance of cinema and storytelling is vital. Films have the power to inspire, connect, and educate audiences worlds apart. Registered not-for-profit Australian charity Films4Change has struck the balance of informing at the same time entertaining its audience with their documentary, Family Wellbeing. The film showcases the benefits of the Family Wellbeing program and follows a group of ‘at-risk’ young indigenous men on their journey to reconnect with their spiritual roots.

Created by professor Komla Tsey, the program started in the 1990s and focused on empowering young men through their personal transformation and improving their social and emotional well being.

Creative producer Melissa Arnold shares that the documentary was created to let viewers see the journey these young men embark on and how it positively changes their lives.

The program not only improved the boys’ lives but also benefitted the community. In the film, professor Komla said in the documentary: “If we want to bring change in Australia, the Family Wellbeing program needs to be supported by communities and needs to become an organic part of education.”

Aside from the documentary’s gripping storytelling on the program, how was the documentary conceived? What were the challenges they faced while producing it? How did the program impact the boys’ lives and Aboriginal culture? Read exclusively on Performers Connect to find out.

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