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What makes a good sci-fi film or series? It’s all about the imagination running free and exploring possibilities and what-ifs. It can even have dystopian themes, show viewers what can easily go wrong with human intervention, and may even centre on fears—a narrative that has fuelled the genre ever since.

Consider Jason R. De Ford’s sci-fi series, Gold From the Sky. The series is set in 2057, where humanity’s sole bastion, The Global Order, is now divided. In this apocalyptic world, citizens are afflicted with mysterious dreams that tell them of an impending disaster. They are then drawn together, uncovering secrets, and get into conflict with a political cabal as they attempt to save the world.

The series’ protagonists are citizens DESTINA, AWN, and JURU. As they join the resistance, they get a clearer picture of the situation. They unravel more mysteries, conflict, and familial bonds and relationships with their friends get strained.

For award-winning director Jason R. De Ford, who was always enamoured by the genre, this series was inspired by “an intricate tale with an international mix of multiethnic heroes and villains in an action-packed speculative future world, informed by current events and fast-developing technologies.” So, aside from Gold From the Sky’s compelling and intriguing plot, what can we expect from the series? What issues and themes will it highlight? What’s next for the series, and how is its development faring?

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