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Crime films have been a staple in Hollywood. It’s the perfect genre to showcase themes such as politics, racism, and corruption in the criminal justice system. It also depicts how criminal gangs operate underground and how masterminds hatch and execute their plans, which has always been a never-ending interest for viewers.

Hell’s Kitchen illustrates all of these in one short roll. The film transports viewers back to 1978, a tumultuous period where crime families, leather jackets, and flares ruled. It closely looks at fictional mob families and unpacks the themes of corruption, greed, and blind ambition. The film was greeted with warm praise and positive reception from critics, describing it as “action-packed” and “slickly-made.”

So, who are the people behind this thriller production? Meet Steve Young, writer, director, producer, and one of the film’s lead actors. A former businessman who worked for Wall Street, Steve decided to become an actor and comedian. He auditioned and studied into the renowned T. Schreiber studio and The Manhattan School of Comedy to enter into the industry.

When he worked on his accent training website and programs, he immediately thought of writing, producing, and directing a film. Thus, enter Hell’s Kitchen.

Alongside Young is Jason Francesco Hoareau, the film’s producer, director of photography, and editor. He worked closely with Young on the film’s production.

So, what can we know more about the film, what was the processes involved in editing, and Steve’s plans?

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