Howell Management

Established in 2017, Howell Management helps emerging talents land work in feature films, television shows, and commercials. Howell Management’s helm is Kristy Howell, the owner and managing director who has been in the entertainment industry for four decades. She started her career at the age of 5. In the last 15 years, she’s worked with the top two Australian agencies as a national talent manager.

In September 2017, Howell Management launched a new division, Howell Extras, to cater for more talents. Talent manager Sueanne Baker manages it.

Lawrence Ola

Lawrence Ola is a Samoan actor, voice artist, and songwriter based in Sydney, Australia. Having trained in Improvisation and the Eric Morris Method, he has found success mainly in comedy - specifically in the commercial world. This success has then translated over into other areas, scoring a supporting role in the feature This Little Love of Mine, the 1st Australian film to go into production post-pandemic and VO campaigns for various AUS/NZ projects. Lawrence is also a big supporter of seeing more Pasifika performers on Australian screens and airwaves in the near future.
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Jordyn Tomars

Jordyn Tomars has been actively involved in the industry from a young age, working on numerous television and film sets. Nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 2021 Martini Awards, Jordyn's other recent credits include Seriously Red (Dollhouse Productions), Ruth, and TV drama Beyond Truth. Jordyn has perfected her US accent with dialect coach Peter Kent and is currently doing intensive training with Brad McMurray, Kristina Sexton, and Emmy Award nominee Tom McSweeney. Jordyn has also just finished writing her film No Loose Ends. Jordyn strives to absorb the knowledge of reputable industry professionals with great passion and work ethic to hone her craft further.

Dylan Stumer

Dylan Stumer is an award-winning actor who auditions and self-tapes for leading roles. Recent leading role credits include Jacob in Writer's Block, Noel in Unmasked and Callum in Love Unseen. Dylan is also constantly expanding his skill set by receiving ongoing coaching. He has trained with acting coach Kristina Sexton and US dialect coach Denise Woods to ensure he is prepared to face an international market. Recently, Dylan has been nominated for Best Supporting Actor at The 2021 Martini Awards and two films, he was the lead-in, having been nominated for best short film in various international film festivals.