Liz Sharp

Liz Sharp

In film and TV, hair and makeup designers help actors portray their characters more effectively by using hair and makeup to achieve a new look. Working with the director to understand the story, they break down the script, listing the hair and makeup requirements and identify who they need to work with the team.

Makeup, hair, and SPFX artist Liz Sharp has been doing this for the last 25 years. She has worked with actors, directors, photographers, and models throughout her career.

Liz started her career in the industry after studying at 3 Arts Make-Up Centre in Sydney. She also has a degree in Visual Arts, which sets her apart from other makeup artists. Her passion, she says, is watching her clients undergo a transformation and assisting them to get into character. Aside from working in film, she has also worked in the fashion industry.

Liz is working on three scripts and designing characters for three feature films.

Liz also teaches makeup, and this, she says, allows her to stay updated on the latest trends. “Teaching the youth allows me to get in touch with the latest trends, and being active in several areas of the industry keep me up to date.” The flexibility of teaching allows her to spend eight-hour days, giving her more time with her family.

Much is to be said about Liz’s illustrious career, but how did COVID-19 change her work? What motivates her to work? Read more about Liz through our latest issue of Performers Connect Magazine by visiting the subscription section of our website.