Paul Parker

Paul Parker

Paul Parker wears many hats and holds a series of accomplishments under his belt that cement his veteran status in the entertainment industry.

First, his acting credentials. His acting career spans almost three decades from 1977-2003, appearing in shows The Sullivans, Neighbours, Full Frontal, Funky Squad, and Young & The Restless. He also performed in Melbourne, Sydney, and Los Angeles theatre shows. He has also won an NAACP for best actor for his performance in For the Love of Freedom Part 1 in 2001. With years of acting experience, his logical step is to share his knowledge with aspiring actors through teaching. As of this year, he has taught for 32 years.

He has also coached in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Australia, Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing, Hainan, and Seoul, meeting a hotpot of different cultures. He has also established a physical school in the US, the Australian Institute of Dramatic Arts, for ten years, in 2002-2011.

With his wealth of experiences as an actor and an educator, he was able to devise his own method of acting, which he learned from his co-teachers in Australia, university lecturers, and from reading Freeing the Natural Voice. The techniques focus on teaching actors on how to connect with their roles emotionally. And in developing these methods, he wrote his first book, Acting the Australian Way.

So, who are the actors who benefited from his teaching technique?

What can we expect from his book, and how can actors glean upon reading it?

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