Perform Australia

Perform Australia

Some people have a natural predisposition towards acting. They may discover it on set once the camera rolls, and they give a bravura performance. However, some make a more logical approach and draw out and hone their talent by enrolling in a drama school.

There are many drama schools to choose from, and figuring out which is the best can be difficult and a daunting task. Acting is still a craft and a profession. It requires dedication and training to prepare for the industry.

One of the leading drama schools in Australia, Perform Australia, dishes out some tips on how to find your school.

First, consider the time, and determine how much you can allot. Can you study full time for three years, or would it better to start with six months so you can get out and discover more on the job?

There are also techniques. Teachers employ the art of performance, intensely providing you with critiques to help you perform. Others require you to tap to your feelings or a traumatic past to play a role.

Third, do study about the faculty. In this time and age, everything is accessible. You can get acting methods from NIDA, WAAPA or VCA from actors who enrolled there.

And lastly, it’s all about community. A great drama school encourages togetherness, warmth, and creativity, and you can learn a lot from your co-actors and peers as well.

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