Racheal Wegner

Racheal Wegner

Rachael Wegener is an award-winning actor and producer. A versatile professional, she has a wealth of experience on stage and screen in Australia and internationally, with a solid education from top institutions. Rachael is currently managed by Gina Stoj Management Sydney and RMT Management Adelaide.

PC: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Rachael: I love playing determined and fearless women. I recently earned Acting nomination for the Walk of Fame at the Adelaide Festival Centre and won Screen Producers Australia / Screen Australia “One to Watch” Award. I studied at NIDA, Flinders University of South Australia, and Vancouver Film School. I’m currently working on a slate of projects. I also work in International Trade.

PC: How has it been like as an actor during the pandemic?

Rachael: I try to be matchfit so I’m prepared. I worked with Ted Brunetti who collaborated with Uta Hagen and coached James Gandolfini and Joseph Pearlman who works with Ridley Scott’s production company. I also teamed up with Paul Parker of AIDA and LA coach Piero Dusa.

PC: Did acting and producing come together at the same time?

Rachael: In a way, yes. I was the creative kid but from a business-oriented family. I studied Commerce and Law, as well as Creative Arts and Acting in between making my own projects. I get to use both sides of my brain.

PC: Working in International Trade and Finance, how has this helped your acting and producing?

Rachael: Acting and producing costs a lot of money. My qualifications allow me to understand both. On the creative side, it allows me to understand a range of characters—from corporate to farmers. I have also been inspired to create a TV series from a story within that world.

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