Rebekah O’Sullivan

Rebekah O'Sullivan

Hearing the words “entertainment” and “law” may sound like oil and water, but in reality, knowing the law and how contracts work is important for aspiring actors or agents. So perusing through contracts and knowing what it entails is a must.

For this latest issue of Performers Connect, we consulted with entertainment, intellectual property, and immigration lawyer in film, TV, theatre, and music, Rebekah O’Sullivan, who runs her firm, Tribeth Group Pty Ltd.

Rebekah O’Sullivan is trained in the arts and in law, which makes her fit for the job, understanding the industry and what actors need. She studied theatre and journalism and attended law school in Australia. She also trained as a teacher and an actor. Aside from managing her firm, she’s also an accent dialect coach, helping actors train their desired inflection.

As an entertainment lawyer, she works with clients to understand legal agreements, ensuring that their interests align with the terms. Her clients include celebrities, animators, dancers, musicians, costume designers, and everyone involved in the creative process.

She also discusses with producers, directors, agents, managers, production companies, and media executives. Her typical day consists of drafting, reviewing, and providing legal advice on contracts such as talent or film agreements.

What do agreements contain, and how does she consult with her clients?

Are there any terms when it comes to protecting an artist’s brand?

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