The Spy That Never Dies

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The best spy films let you feel you’re a double agent, even just in minutes or hours. However, being a spy is unrealistic: most of us won’t board a jet for a secret mission, jump out of a plane to run away from an enemy, or be involved in a thrill-pumping car chase. But we can escape for a while and be in a thrilling adventure and be in a vicarious state through spy movies.

Case in point: don’t miss The Spy Who Never Dies, which, the title itself, is enough to pique viewers’ curiosity. The title alludes to a concept employed by spy franchises: the spy, no matter how perilous his mission is, manages to survive and miraculously live.

The movie revolves around a world-class spy who falls for an unlikely woman. It zooms in on how the spy must balance his profession—remaining covert while he performs his job—and at the same time, building a normal relationship with people, which the villains try to destroy. The film is spiced with love triangles and conflicting relationships. The film stars Paul O’Brien who plays a spy named Brad. It is directed by Corey Pearson, whom Paul met through a mutual friend. He invited Paul to film, and now the movie is set to air in theatres in Australia.

So, what’s to look out for the film, how did it start, and Corey and Paul’s takeaway from this production?

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