Xavier West

Xavier West

Xavier West is an Australian actor and entrepreneur. Starting his career at the age of eight, he has worked on a range of short films, feature films and TV series. Xavier took some time out to discuss his acting career, why he became an actor and what he’s up to.  

PC: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Xavier: I was born in Melbourne. I’m 19 years old, and I’m an entrepreneur. I am self-employed and currently working on a few projects which allows me to master my craft and writing.

PC: When did you decide you wanted to become an actor?

Xavier: I was discovered by an agent for a national tv campaign. Working on a range of short films at the start of my career, it was in 2014 where I emerged on-screen to appear as Young Joe Cashin in the TV Film The Broken Shore (2013), starring Don Hany as Joe Cashin, Claudia Karvan. I went onto another feature film starring as Lucas Draije in The Comet Kids by Australian Screenwriter, Director, Glenn Triggs and another feature film Fearless Games playing Tom Wilson. 

PC: What type of training have you done in acting?

Xavier: I’ve been fortunate enough to receive training from studios, actors, and directors from a young age. I’ve been trained by AIPA (The Australian Institute For Performing Arts), Tafta, Actors Lab (Peter Kalos) and 16th Street. From 2013 until now, Andy McPhee continues to mentor me and as of this year, I’m under the guidance of casting director Cinzia Coassin.

PC: What major projects have you done and what are you working on? 

Xavier: I was one of the main actors in the ABC Me TV series Mustangs FC, previously nominated for Best Children’s Television Series at the AACTA Awards. Produced by Matchbox Pictures for the ABC in association with Film Victoria and National Indigenous Television, I played the lead role Gabe (Series 1,2,3) from 2017 to 2020. The series explored young teenagers in suburban Australia, focusing on Mustangs FC, an all-girls soccer team. Currently, I am working on a TV series pilot for Netflix and a role in the feature film Hoodlumz.

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